5 Signs You’re Marriage Material

1Have you ever wondered if your woman – or any woman for that matter – would want to get married to you? Have you thought of yourself as the husband-kind, or are you the type who’s going to follow George Clooney’s suit?

5 Signs You’re Marriage Material

A lot of women are looking for a man that has the husband material.Here are 5 signs that you are marriage material (or at least, women perceive you as such):

  1. You can imagine yourself being with the same person for the rest of your life. Unless you were born a player and you live a player life, society has greatly impacted our mindsets that you are supposed to stay with just one person for the rest of your life. But on your own, personally, can you sit down and peacefully envision your future with just one person and some kids? Does the image of settling down and of not dating anyone else other than the same woman appeal to you? Or at least not make you cringe? In short, you don’t have problems committing yourself to one person for a very, very loooong time. If you do, then chances are, you are a husband material.
  2. If you can take care of yourself and of someone else. There’s a teeny bit of difference between being a long term boyfriend and being a husband. You can be a boyfriend and not worry about what your wife is going to get for breakfast the next day because basically, you are your own person. You still make most of your personal decisions yourself and you are not really responsible for anyone but yourself. Being a husband changes everything. When you become a husband, you have to share everything with your wife – money, food, secrets, time, everything! If you can imagine yourself sharing yourself and be cool with the idea of putting someone else’s welfare before your own, you have a good chance at being husbandly in nature. 2
  3. You know how to say you’re sorry. They say love is never having to say you’re sorry. Well, I say, marriage is. When you’re married, you cannot simply let your ego take you over. You cannot have your pride ruining your marriage simply because you’re too proud to say sorry over the smallest argument. It doesn’t even have to be your fault; it’s about knowing that your relationship and the other person in it is more important than whatever your differences are. That, and that you can say sorry without hemorrhaging.
  4. If you can sacrifice your own needs for someone else. Imagine this: PlayStation is set to release its newest console but your “wife” is having quite a hard time conceiving and she wants to try out this new therapy that gives her better chances at getting pregnant (and you do want to get a baby too). What do you do? Where do you spend your money on first? If you answered the former, you might have to take a few more years being a boyfriend before you can actually marry someone. If you chose the latter, you have better chances at being a good husband.
  5. You’re willing to go out of your way to make your woman happy. Loyalty goes beyond staying committed to one woman and not looking at other women. Loyalty is committing yourself to making that woman happy and working towards achieving that – by hook or by crook! Being a good husband means never stopping to court her just because you “already have her”. Being a husband means always and continuously discovering and rediscovering the other person in the marriage if only to find out what makes her completely happy and achieve it. Still date her, here are Fundamental dating advice for guys.

So, are you marriage material?

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5 Myths About a Girlfriend on PMS

pmsAll girls experience PMS. The thing is, different women have it differently – different levels of hormones, different reactions, and of course, different actions. Let science talk about PMS as an imaginary thing; we girls know there’s just hardly anything in this world other than PMS that could explain weird and unstoppable cravings for food and short temper and an even stronger desire to strangle our boyfriends all on the same day…once a month…every month…and right before our periods come.

So yeah, that’s practically PMS for you in a nutshell. However, no matter how common an occurrence it is, PMS is still a misunderstood female human fact. Tons of men still mistake PMS for ‘bad girlfriend’ syndrome, and use it as an excuse to get mad at her or worse, cheat on her.

Myths About “PMS”

So gentlemen, it’s high time to debunk everything you thought you know about PMS. Here are some myths about a girlfriend on PMS:

Myth No. 1: She has control over whether her PMS comes or not.

What she can control is how much of her PMS she’s showing, but not its occurrence. Some women go to church and pray to rid themselves of murderous or sadistic thoughts, others gorge on their favorite junk food, but boy oh boy, there are women who just let it all out and let it all go. You’re lucky if she has a good amount of self-control and keep her temper to herself or know how to find a good way to divert her attention. But trust me, it’s in her. She has it; it can’t be mistaken for something else.

Myth No. 2: It is a valid excuse to be a mean monster.

Fortunately for you, gentlemen, it can’t always be an excuse. Sure she can use PMS as an excuse to eat an extra cup of rice, or an extra slice of pizza, or to dress up in jammies or sweaters all day but it cannot be always a valid excuse t be a bad girlfriend. After all, you can only tolerate so much. So post-PMS, do take the time to talk to her about it and how you hate it being an excuse for giving you the attitude. Lucky for you! Here’s a Cutting edge advice on attracting the woman of your dreams.

Myth No. 3: Being funny will relieve it.

Unfortunately, Mr Funny Guy, this is that exception to the rule about humor and dating. It just does not work this way on PMS days. You can’t tease her, flirt with her, or try to make her laugh in practically any way. You can try to be cute, but anything beyond that or anything close to a full-blown humor assault, is a big no-no. It is best to leave her alone.

Myth No. 4: You can’t touch her when she’s PMSing.

With her permission, a massage is highly encouraged during this time. It relieves the pain and makes your lady feel better and more comfortable than just pep talking her. It is even more encouraged than just humor and food. Plus, it is going to be more rewarding for you come post-period days (if you know what I mean). *Wink Wink*

Myth No. 5: She really, really wants to break up with you when she does break up with you on a PMS fit.

Unless you’ve done something really, really breakup worthy, or she’s actually been waiting for a chance to break up with you, PMS mini-breakups really are nothing to be worried about.

To make her happy during these days, try Roadtrip Dates!

Essentials for Roadtrip Dates

I’ve always been an advocate of traveling for couples as a way to strengthen relationships. I’ve always firmly believed in the therapeutic power of traveling, of taking on a (literal) journey together, or a new place and a breather for couples. This is especially true for long term relationships, when everything seems ordinary, routine, and boring. Like casual relationships – these are some rules to obey!


Traveling does not even need to be an expensive experience. Taking the road or the bus or the train to the next five towns is traveling enough, and practically has the same therapeutic effects as flying halfway across the world. That is, if you play your cards right and know what you need for these road trip dates.

Roadtrip Dates Tips

Here are the essential stuff that you should not miss bringing on your next take on the road with your lovey dovey girl:

  • The right music. The good thing about being in a relationship a long time is that you know that you don’t need an endless conversation or a bagful of convo topics and ice breakers to avoid the awkward silence. You are in a state of comfortable silence with each other. That, however, does not mean that you should have to bear the noise of traffic. So arm yourselves with a playlist that you both love and/or you’ve both picked. Happy tunes are encouraged.
  • Food for the road. The road, no matter who you’re with, is always a lonely place without food. You can’t just stop at every roadside store or hope that the next gas station has your favorite flavors of Skittles. Pack yourself with enough food and drinks (no alcohol, please) to entertain and nourish you both while on the road.
  • A map. Directions – really, it’s these simple and seemingly harmless things that matter the most and cause the most problem. This is the most common cause of fights on trip between couples. Why? Because women like to ask questions and men don’t. You’d need it for when your car’s built-in GPS decides to just stop working. That, and the fact that there’s always something to resolve those left turn-right turn kid of arguments.
  • Pillows and blankies. Neck pillows are always very useful. Sitting in a car, bus or train for long periods of time can be really straining to the neck so always make sure to bring a neck pillow. Blankies are also very useful especially if you drive by nighttime and she falls asleep on the road.
  • Several credit cards and cash. Smaller town shops may not be credit card-ready so a stash of cash would come in very, very handy. This will also be very helpful to get out of toll gates and roadside souvenir shops more quickly.
  • A list of places to visit. When going to a new place, there needs to be a perfect balance of planning and spontaneity. So go ahead and plan to visit all the landmarks, while keeping your hearts and minds open to discovering beautiful things in that place together.

Have fun!

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Signs that She’s Ready for Commitment

1415226_75362337Some women are made for dating. Others cannot go beyond flirting. And still, there are those, that you would love to have your parents and friends meet, the one that you can imagine moving in with and getting pets with, and maybe even getting down on one knee to propose to. The thing is, a lot of men cannot distinguish one from the other and end up making the wrong decision; they either lose the for keeps woman thinking there would be nothing more than flirtationship between the two of you, or end up committing to the woman who keeps running away from commitment, what to look for to know if a girl likes you?

She’s Ready for Commitment IF

So if you’re currently with a woman and you cannot really be certain about whether she’s just hanging around or if she’s here to stay (or at least she’s ready to make that big leap of faith with you), don’t pop a commitment question without reading this. Here are signs that she’s ready to commit in a relationship with you and that she won’t abandon ship at the slightest problems:

  • She thinks about your welfare before her own. A woman is naturally selfless, but she can’t be all that to everyone else. It takes a certain degree of love and passion for a woman to put someone else’s needs over her own. If she does exactly that to you, taking care of you and thinking about your needs without you having to ask her, there’s a good indication that she cares about you enough to commit herself to you.
  • If she compromises for you. If she makes an effort to meet you halfway, she is ready for commitment. Long term relationships is not always about getting what you want; it’s about making sure that your partner is just as happy as you are with whatever decisions you’ve made together. If she shows this level of maturity early on, trust that she can hang on to the relationship for quite a long time.
  • If she works to settle differences between the two of you, she’s looking to stay. Some people, men and women alike, flee at the first sign of difficulty. They are not the ones who tolerate differences and appreciate adversity as part of growing up. But there are those who strive hard to make things work, who find solutions to problems and don’t linger with them. If you find that your ladylove is the latter, then you had better hold on because she’s serious and ready to commit.
  • She’s not rushing you into it. The only time commitment-pressure becomes a little understandable (and quite necessary) is if you’ve been going out for more than a year and you’re still unsure about what you are to each other. But if you’ve only been dating for at least about half a year and she’s willing to take things slowly with you, then you can tell how mature and levelheaded she is in treating your almost-relationship.

If your special girl displays two or more of these traits, then you are lucky to have found her because she’s definitely for keeps. Treat her right boy!

Hope you enjoyed reading. I’ll post more tips and advices very soon. Please always visit the site. Thank you so much!


Tips and Ideas for Dating a Foodie

Foodie (n., singular) – a person who loves to discover and try new types of food; takes pictures of the food they eat and more often than not blogs about the food they eat. They sometimes talk poetically about food. They love food. And they spend a lot of time discovering and trying out food stuff from whatever newest resto or food outlet has opened in their city. Others, the really hardcore ones, travel for food.

Budding Photographer

I don’t know when exactly the word ‘foodie’ has been birthed, or just when trying out new food has become a serious hobby. But this is the age of the internet and of the likes of Justin Beiber so ‘foodies’ don’t stop with your neighborhood Lifestyle section columnist or chef anymore. These days, anyone with taste buds for all types of food, and an appetite to talk about the food experience (not to mention an Instagram account and the skill/knowledge to use #food and #foodgasm on their every Instagram post) can call themselves a “foodie”.

Tips Tips Tips!

It has become a new breed of ‘hippie’ or ‘pop culture’ for some reason, and dating one may require quite a different approach. And I’m not talking about dating as in trying to start a relationship. I’m talking about going on a date – where food will naturally be involved 90% of the time. So to make sure that you impress your foodie date, see the SIBG killer guide on flirting with women and that she enjoys her time with you, try out some of these dating tips and ideas:

  • Have an open mind and an open tummy. She will always be on the lookout for new foods to try. And whenever she does take you on one of those food outings, don’t be such a wussie. Don’t be dragging her down by being such a killjoy. If you’re hesitant about some stuff, let her know but don’t go about killing the mood by complaining, whining, or being a total wussie. A cool foodie girl would never want to wind up with a guy who can’t handle new stuff.
  • Be on the lookout for new food places too, not for you but for her. Instead of making her drag you around all the time for the location of your every date, keep a list of new places to try too. This will not only make you seem more assertive to a certain level; it will also let her know that you’re interested enough to care about her interests.
  • Have a cook-off. Not all foodies are as good in cooking as they are in eating. But I don’t think they would back down on a cooking challenge. Choose a type of food you both enjoyed and is nothing too complicated for both your amateur cooking skills. A barbecue, cake baking, or one of those Middle Eastern mini snacks (kebabs, pitas) are your best options because they are likely to be within the range of your cooking skills. Don’t be too competitive, lest you’ll kill the mood!
  • Go on a food trip. And by food trip, I mean the hop-on-your-car kind of trip and have a map of food outlets to try along the way. Be sure to exert extra effort on making the trip comfortable for her – that would make you the sensitive guy who thinks of her welfare without her having to ask.

Read also my previous blog post for more tips.Have fun!