5 Myths About a Girlfriend on PMS

pmsAll girls experience PMS. The thing is, different women have it differently – different levels of hormones, different reactions, and of course, different actions. Let science talk about PMS as an imaginary thing; we girls know there’s just hardly anything in this world other than PMS that could explain weird and unstoppable cravings for food and short temper and an even stronger desire to strangle our boyfriends all on the same day…once a month…every month…and right before our periods come.

So yeah, that’s practically PMS for you in a nutshell. However, no matter how common an occurrence it is, PMS is still a misunderstood female human fact. Tons of men still mistake PMS for ‘bad girlfriend’ syndrome, and use it as an excuse to get mad at her or worse, cheat on her.

Myths About “PMS”

So gentlemen, it’s high time to debunk everything you thought you know about PMS. Here are some myths about a girlfriend on PMS:

Myth No. 1: She has control over whether her PMS comes or not.

What she can control is how much of her PMS she’s showing, but not its occurrence. Some women go to church and pray to rid themselves of murderous or sadistic thoughts, others gorge on their favorite junk food, but boy oh boy, there are women who just let it all out and let it all go. You’re lucky if she has a good amount of self-control and keep her temper to herself or know how to find a good way to divert her attention. But trust me, it’s in her. She has it; it can’t be mistaken for something else.

Myth No. 2: It is a valid excuse to be a mean monster.

Fortunately for you, gentlemen, it can’t always be an excuse. Sure she can use PMS as an excuse to eat an extra cup of rice, or an extra slice of pizza, or to dress up in jammies or sweaters all day but it cannot be always a valid excuse t be a bad girlfriend. After all, you can only tolerate so much. So post-PMS, do take the time to talk to her about it and how you hate it being an excuse for giving you the attitude. Lucky for you! Here’s a Cutting edge advice on attracting the woman of your dreams.

Myth No. 3: Being funny will relieve it.

Unfortunately, Mr Funny Guy, this is that exception to the rule about humor and dating. It just does not work this way on PMS days. You can’t tease her, flirt with her, or try to make her laugh in practically any way. You can try to be cute, but anything beyond that or anything close to a full-blown humor assault, is a big no-no. It is best to leave her alone.

Myth No. 4: You can’t touch her when she’s PMSing.

With her permission, a massage is highly encouraged during this time. It relieves the pain and makes your lady feel better and more comfortable than just pep talking her. It is even more encouraged than just humor and food. Plus, it is going to be more rewarding for you come post-period days (if you know what I mean). *Wink Wink*

Myth No. 5: She really, really wants to break up with you when she does break up with you on a PMS fit.

Unless you’ve done something really, really breakup worthy, or she’s actually been waiting for a chance to break up with you, PMS mini-breakups really are nothing to be worried about.

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