5 Signs You’re Marriage Material

1Have you ever wondered if your woman – or any woman for that matter – would want to get married to you? Have you thought of yourself as the husband-kind, or are you the type who’s going to follow George Clooney’s suit?

5 Signs You’re Marriage Material

A lot of women are looking for a man that has the husband material.Here are 5 signs that you are marriage material (or at least, women perceive you as such):

  1. You can imagine yourself being with the same person for the rest of your life. Unless you were born a player and you live a player life, society has greatly impacted our mindsets that you are supposed to stay with just one person for the rest of your life. But on your own, personally, can you sit down and peacefully envision your future with just one person and some kids? Does the image of settling down and of not dating anyone else other than the same woman appeal to you? Or at least not make you cringe? In short, you don’t have problems committing yourself to one person for a very, very loooong time. If you do, then chances are, you are a husband material.
  2. If you can take care of yourself and of someone else. There’s a teeny bit of difference between being a long term boyfriend and being a husband. You can be a boyfriend and not worry about what your wife is going to get for breakfast the next day because basically, you are your own person. You still make most of your personal decisions yourself and you are not really responsible for anyone but yourself. Being a husband changes everything. When you become a husband, you have to share everything with your wife – money, food, secrets, time, everything! If you can imagine yourself sharing yourself and be cool with the idea of putting someone else’s welfare before your own, you have a good chance at being husbandly in nature. 2
  3. You know how to say you’re sorry. They say love is never having to say you’re sorry. Well, I say, marriage is. When you’re married, you cannot simply let your ego take you over. You cannot have your pride ruining your marriage simply because you’re too proud to say sorry over the smallest argument. It doesn’t even have to be your fault; it’s about knowing that your relationship and the other person in it is more important than whatever your differences are. That, and that you can say sorry without hemorrhaging.
  4. If you can sacrifice your own needs for someone else. Imagine this: PlayStation is set to release its newest console but your “wife” is having quite a hard time conceiving and she wants to try out this new therapy that gives her better chances at getting pregnant (and you do want to get a baby too). What do you do? Where do you spend your money on first? If you answered the former, you might have to take a few more years being a boyfriend before you can actually marry someone. If you chose the latter, you have better chances at being a good husband.
  5. You’re willing to go out of your way to make your woman happy. Loyalty goes beyond staying committed to one woman and not looking at other women. Loyalty is committing yourself to making that woman happy and working towards achieving that – by hook or by crook! Being a good husband means never stopping to court her just because you “already have her”. Being a husband means always and continuously discovering and rediscovering the other person in the marriage if only to find out what makes her completely happy and achieve it. Still date her, here are Fundamental dating advice for guys.

So, are you marriage material?

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