Essentials for Roadtrip Dates

I’ve always been an advocate of traveling for couples as a way to strengthen relationships. I’ve always firmly believed in the therapeutic power of traveling, of taking on a (literal) journey together, or a new place and a breather for couples. This is especially true for long term relationships, when everything seems ordinary, routine, and […]

Signs that She’s Ready for Commitment

Some women are made for dating. Others cannot go beyond flirting. And still, there are those, that you would love to have your parents and friends meet, the one that you can imagine moving in with and getting pets with, and maybe even getting down on one knee to propose to. The thing is, a […]

Tips and Ideas for Dating a Foodie

Foodie (n., singular) – a person who loves to discover and try new types of food; takes pictures of the food they eat and more often than not blogs about the food they eat. They sometimes talk poetically about food. They love food. And they spend a lot of time discovering and trying out food […]