5 Myths About a Girlfriend on PMS

All girls experience PMS. The thing is, different women have it differently – different levels of hormones, different reactions, and of course, different actions. Let science talk about PMS as an imaginary thing; we girls know there’s just hardly anything in this world other than PMS that could explain weird and unstoppable cravings for food […]

Signs that She’s Ready for Commitment

Some women are made for dating. Others cannot go beyond flirting. And still, there are those, that you would love to have your parents and friends meet, the one that you can imagine moving in with and getting pets with, and maybe even getting down on one knee to propose to. The thing is, a […]

5 Signs You’re Marriage Material

Have you ever wondered if your woman – or any woman for that matter – would want to get married to you? Have you thought of yourself as the husband-kind, or are you the type who’s going to follow George Clooney’s suit? 5 Signs You’re Marriage Material A lot of women are looking for a […]