Essentials for Roadtrip Dates

I’ve always been an advocate of traveling for couples as a way to strengthen relationships. I’ve always firmly believed in the therapeutic power of traveling, of taking on a (literal) journey together, or a new place and a breather for couples. This is especially true for long term relationships, when everything seems ordinary, routine, and boring. Like casual relationships – these are some rules to obey!


Traveling does not even need to be an expensive experience. Taking the road or the bus or the train to the next five towns is traveling enough, and practically has the same therapeutic effects as flying halfway across the world. That is, if you play your cards right and know what you need for these road trip dates.

Roadtrip Dates Tips

Here are the essential stuff that you should not miss bringing on your next take on the road with your lovey dovey girl:

  • The right music. The good thing about being in a relationship a long time is that you know that you don’t need an endless conversation or a bagful of convo topics and ice breakers to avoid the awkward silence. You are in a state of comfortable silence with each other. That, however, does not mean that you should have to bear the noise of traffic. So arm yourselves with a playlist that you both love and/or you’ve both picked. Happy tunes are encouraged.
  • Food for the road. The road, no matter who you’re with, is always a lonely place without food. You can’t just stop at every roadside store or hope that the next gas station has your favorite flavors of Skittles. Pack yourself with enough food and drinks (no alcohol, please) to entertain and nourish you both while on the road.
  • A map. Directions – really, it’s these simple and seemingly harmless things that matter the most and cause the most problem. This is the most common cause of fights on trip between couples. Why? Because women like to ask questions and men don’t. You’d need it for when your car’s built-in GPS decides to just stop working. That, and the fact that there’s always something to resolve those left turn-right turn kid of arguments.
  • Pillows and blankies. Neck pillows are always very useful. Sitting in a car, bus or train for long periods of time can be really straining to the neck so always make sure to bring a neck pillow. Blankies are also very useful especially if you drive by nighttime and she falls asleep on the road.
  • Several credit cards and cash. Smaller town shops may not be credit card-ready so a stash of cash would come in very, very handy. This will also be very helpful to get out of toll gates and roadside souvenir shops more quickly.
  • A list of places to visit. When going to a new place, there needs to be a perfect balance of planning and spontaneity. So go ahead and plan to visit all the landmarks, while keeping your hearts and minds open to discovering beautiful things in that place together.

Have fun!

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