Tips and Ideas for Dating a Foodie

Foodie (n., singular) – a person who loves to discover and try new types of food; takes pictures of the food they eat and more often than not blogs about the food they eat. They sometimes talk poetically about food. They love food. And they spend a lot of time discovering and trying out food stuff from whatever newest resto or food outlet has opened in their city. Others, the really hardcore ones, travel for food.

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I don’t know when exactly the word ‘foodie’ has been birthed, or just when trying out new food has become a serious hobby. But this is the age of the internet and of the likes of Justin Beiber so ‘foodies’ don’t stop with your neighborhood Lifestyle section columnist or chef anymore. These days, anyone with taste buds for all types of food, and an appetite to talk about the food experience (not to mention an Instagram account and the skill/knowledge to use #food and #foodgasm on their every Instagram post) can call themselves a “foodie”.

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It has become a new breed of ‘hippie’ or ‘pop culture’ for some reason, and dating one may require quite a different approach. And I’m not talking about dating as in trying to start a relationship. I’m talking about going on a date – where food will naturally be involved 90% of the time. So to make sure that you impress your foodie date, see the SIBG killer guide on flirting with women and that she enjoys her time with you, try out some of these dating tips and ideas:

  • Have an open mind and an open tummy. She will always be on the lookout for new foods to try. And whenever she does take you on one of those food outings, don’t be such a wussie. Don’t be dragging her down by being such a killjoy. If you’re hesitant about some stuff, let her know but don’t go about killing the mood by complaining, whining, or being a total wussie. A cool foodie girl would never want to wind up with a guy who can’t handle new stuff.
  • Be on the lookout for new food places too, not for you but for her. Instead of making her drag you around all the time for the location of your every date, keep a list of new places to try too. This will not only make you seem more assertive to a certain level; it will also let her know that you’re interested enough to care about her interests.
  • Have a cook-off. Not all foodies are as good in cooking as they are in eating. But I don’t think they would back down on a cooking challenge. Choose a type of food you both enjoyed and is nothing too complicated for both your amateur cooking skills. A barbecue, cake baking, or one of those Middle Eastern mini snacks (kebabs, pitas) are your best options because they are likely to be within the range of your cooking skills. Don’t be too competitive, lest you’ll kill the mood!
  • Go on a food trip. And by food trip, I mean the hop-on-your-car kind of trip and have a map of food outlets to try along the way. Be sure to exert extra effort on making the trip comfortable for her – that would make you the sensitive guy who thinks of her welfare without her having to ask.

Read also my previous blog post for more tips.Have fun!

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