Signs that She’s Ready for Commitment

1415226_75362337Some women are made for dating. Others cannot go beyond flirting. And still, there are those, that you would love to have your parents and friends meet, the one that you can imagine moving in with and getting pets with, and maybe even getting down on one knee to propose to. The thing is, a lot of men cannot distinguish one from the other and end up making the wrong decision; they either lose the for keeps woman thinking there would be nothing more than flirtationship between the two of you, or end up committing to the woman who keeps running away from commitment, what to look for to know if a girl likes you?

She’s Ready for Commitment IF

So if you’re currently with a woman and you cannot really be certain about whether she’s just hanging around or if she’s here to stay (or at least she’s ready to make that big leap of faith with you), don’t pop a commitment question without reading this. Here are signs that she’s ready to commit in a relationship with you and that she won’t abandon ship at the slightest problems:

  • She thinks about your welfare before her own. A woman is naturally selfless, but she can’t be all that to everyone else. It takes a certain degree of love and passion for a woman to put someone else’s needs over her own. If she does exactly that to you, taking care of you and thinking about your needs without you having to ask her, there’s a good indication that she cares about you enough to commit herself to you.
  • If she compromises for you. If she makes an effort to meet you halfway, she is ready for commitment. Long term relationships is not always about getting what you want; it’s about making sure that your partner is just as happy as you are with whatever decisions you’ve made together. If she shows this level of maturity early on, trust that she can hang on to the relationship for quite a long time.
  • If she works to settle differences between the two of you, she’s looking to stay. Some people, men and women alike, flee at the first sign of difficulty. They are not the ones who tolerate differences and appreciate adversity as part of growing up. But there are those who strive hard to make things work, who find solutions to problems and don’t linger with them. If you find that your ladylove is the latter, then you had better hold on because she’s serious and ready to commit.
  • She’s not rushing you into it. The only time commitment-pressure becomes a little understandable (and quite necessary) is if you’ve been going out for more than a year and you’re still unsure about what you are to each other. But if you’ve only been dating for at least about half a year and she’s willing to take things slowly with you, then you can tell how mature and levelheaded she is in treating your almost-relationship.

If your special girl displays two or more of these traits, then you are lucky to have found her because she’s definitely for keeps. Treat her right boy!

Hope you enjoyed reading. I’ll post more tips and advices very soon. Please always visit the site. Thank you so much!


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